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Run DC Simulations

1. How to Run DC Simulations

  • Start Cadence using the previous setup instructions

  • In the Library Manager, select the previous created design library. Create a new schematic by going to "File >> New >> Cell View". A new file window will open. Choose a descriptive name for your schematic and click OK.

  • Create a 0V voltage source using "Create >> Instance" as shown below. Drop the instance in your schematic cell view. Repeat to create 3 more ("0V", "VGS" and "VDS").

  • Add a transistor instance with the parameters shown below

  • Connect the instances using add wires and labels ("Create >> Wire (narrow)" and "Create >> Wire Name")

  • Goto File >> Check and Save to save your schematic.

  • To simulate your schematic, open the Analog Design Environment by going to "Launch >> ADE L."

  • Copy the schematic variables into the ADE L by going to "Variables >> Copy From Cellview." Set the value of both VDS and VGS to 1.

  • Setup a DC sweep as shown below ("Analyses >> Choose").

  • Choose the signals that you need to be saved by selecting the desired wires and terminal currents on the schematic as shown below

  • Click on the checkbox next to M1/D to plot the drain current and hit the green play button to netlist and run your testbench. The results should like shown below.

  • For nested DC sweep, run parameteric analysis on your results ("Tools >> Parametric Analysis"). Sweep VGS as shown in the image below.

  • The result of your nested DC simulation should look like shown below.