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Remote Access

Personal Device

1. Download FastX2 from OSU IT Self Service. If this is your first time installing software from IT, login using your name.#, go Order Services -> Software Services -> Site License Software Request -> FastX v2.

2. Follow instructions for remote access using a VPN and FastX2 from the CSE reomote access site.

Note: If you already have Cisco AnyConnect installed from a previous class, you do not need to use pulse VPN.

3. When you get to name & host field within FastX, name it what you want. As for the host, use: [server], where server is rh053 , rh054, or rh055.

4. When the linux desktop window shows up, open up a terminal and create the directories (~/cadence/ECE5020) and setup commands like the Cadence setup instructs.

Lab Computers - Windows

Skip steps 1 & 2 above.

Lab Computers - Linux

Open a terminal and ssh into one of the class servers (ssh name.#@ [server], where server is rh053 , rh054, or rh055.