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ECE 7023: High-Speed Interface Circuits and Systems                                                                     

Spring 2020 - New Course

This course covers the analysis and design of link architectures and circuits for wireline communication systems. There will be an emphasis on design intuition, link budgeting and power/performance trade-offs in implementation of data links in advanced CMOS process. Topics include channel characterization, noise analysis, equalization, transmitter and receiver circuits, signaling schemes, clocking, synchronization and timing recovery circuits. One page syllabus.


ECE 5020: Mixed Signal VLSI                                                                       

Autumn 2019, 2018

This course covers the design and circuit analysis of basic VLSI structures such as registers, cell libraries, memory, digital and analog I/O. Students will be introduced to schematic capture, simulations, timing analysis and physical layout using cadence design tools. There will be an emphasis on CMOS circuit design, culminating in a design project. One page syllabus.


ECE 3020: Introduction to Electronics                                                           

Spring 2019, 2018

This is an introduction course to the analysis and design of electronic circuits. Fundamentals of analog, digital and mixed-signal circuits are covered.  Students learn about diodes and transistor models for amplifiers, switches, and logic gates. Multiple transistor circuit analysis, op amps, and electronic systems and simulation tools are discussed. Standard Syllabus.


Physics II: Electromagnetism                                                                         

Fall 2016

This course is an introduction to electrostatics, electrodynamics and electromagnetism. The basic principles behind electrical engineering and electronic communication is discussed. At the end of the course students will understand simple electronic circuits and the fundamental theories and principles needed to continue their study of electronics and electrical systems.


ECE 322: Electronic Circuits I                                                                         

Winter 2019

This is an introduction course to analog electronic circuit analysis and design. Topics covered include circuit design using opamps, diodes, BJTs and MOSFETs. A companion lab to the lecture exposes students to practical design considerations and teamwork by building a DC power supply in small teams.